A Look At How Funeral Services May Change During A Pandemic

Losing a loved one is never easy, but when there are extenuating circumstances involved, it can make a loss even more difficult. During the rare but possible occurrence of a nationwide pandemic, many typical services have to alter how they serve the public, and funeral homes are included. Here is a look at some of the ways the services provided by a funeral home may change during a pandemic. 

The number of guests may be restricted to only immediate family members. 

One of the things that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 was the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention set stringent guidelines about social distancing. With the illness spreading rather rapidly, President Trump recommended keeping gatherings limited to 10 people or less. During a pandemic, this is not at all uncommon, but it can affect how a funeral is held. Normally, all loved ones and acquaintances are welcome to the funeral service. However, during a pandemic, you may have to make the difficult choice to only bring in the closest relatives. 

Lengthy visitation services may not be something the funeral home can provide. 

Normally when a funeral is planned, you will have the option of planning for a lengthy visitation to allow everyone to gather at the funeral home and mourn before the funeral takes place. It is not customarily uncommon for visitation to be held one day and the funeral the next. However, during the time of a pandemic, these lengthier service offerings may not be possible or plausible. Further, if the number of visitors is restricted to immediate family members, there will be no need to have this additional part of the service. 

You may have to wait longer for the funeral service to be held. 

In the event the pandemic is leading to a lot of lives lost, the funeral homes in the area can be rapidly overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this can mean that your loved one's funeral may not be possible for a while or you may have to wait a few days longer for the funeral to be held. Your loved one will be kept safely in a morgue or preservation place until the funeral can be provided. Even though this may not be ideal, it is important to be patient during these times of community crisis and rest assured the funeral home will be doing everything they can to serve people in a timely manner. 

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