Three Myths About Funerals And Why Today’s Funerals Aren’t What You Think

For most people, a funeral is something they only have to plan a few times in their life. As a result, people have an image in their mind of what a funeral has to be and how much it has to cost. Unfortunately, this causes some people to avoid traditional funeral homes. But the truth is, you can get exactly what you want out of a funeral. Here's a look at three of the most common myths about funerals.

Myth #1: The only alternative to burial is cremation

If your loved one was especially concerned about the environment, you might be interested in a more green funeral. But is there anything other than cremation? There is! Plenty of funeral homes can assist with a green funeral where a body is buried in cloth or in a biodegradable coffin. Ask your funeral home about environmentally friendly options, and you'll probably be surprised at what's available.

Myth #2: All funerals are exorbitantly expensive

The average cost of a casket alone is $2,000, so many people automatically assume that funerals are all expensive. The truth is though, a funeral is as expensive as you want to make it. It's entirely possible to plan a lavish affair that costs more than $10,000, but it's also entirely possible to plan a perfect service for much cheaper. Don't let the fear of a large price tag scare you away from planning a funeral.

Myth #3: People who don't want a sad, mournful event shouldn't have a funeral

Sure, funerals are often portrayed as sad events, and people are indeed sad. But that doesn't mean a funeral always has to be sad. Plenty of people choose to celebrate the life of the deceased with happy music they loved, fun stories and pictures, and nice food. A lot of families find that a celebration like this actually helps them cope better. 

In short, funerals today are drastically different from funerals of the past -- if you want them to be. If you want a traditional service, you can get exactly that. But many people today tailor services specifically to fit the life of the deceased.

And if you are planning a funeral, you'll almost certainly want to use a funeral home to help you. They have planned plenty of funerals before, and their entire business is making sure you get what you want. If you try to do it on your own, you're taking on undue stress in a time when you're already stressed and emotional. Trust the professionals, and they'll make sure you get the service your loved one deserves.

To learn more, contact funeral homes in your area.