Social Distancing and the Death of a Loved One: 3 Tips for Honoring the Deceased

Social distancing has changed the way that many routine activities are conducted. While people are staying away from public places and avoiding large gatherings, some events seem to lose their meaning.

Honoring a loved one who has passed during this period of social distancing can seem like a challenge. Large memorial services are not an option, but there are still plenty of things that you can do to memorialize your loved one and honor his or her life.

1. Share Memories Online

You may not be able to invite family members and friends to attend a memorial service in person, but you can engage in the creation of an online memorial. Establish a social media page that will act as the platform for your memorial events.

Invite friends and family to like the page, then share any photos or stories about the deceased. An online memorial can act as a permanent repository for personal memories that you can consult for many years to come.

Loved ones can honor the deceased by participating in the online memorial, allowing people to grieve together without violating social distancing recommendations.

2. Postpone the Funeral

Choosing to host a funeral for your deceased loved one at a later date can be a great way to ensure that they get the recognition they deserve. You can speak with your local funeral director about scheduling funeral services several months into the future.

The best way to facilitate a postponed funeral is to have your loved one cremated. Cremated remains can be housed safely for months, or even years, until social distancing measures are no longer required and your family and friends can gather together for a funeral service.

3. Use Video Conferencing

Modern funeral homes are equipped to use technology to make it easier to honor your loved one during this time of social distancing. You can hold a funeral service with only immediate family members at a funeral home while having the funeral director transmit the services over the internet with a live video feed.

Friends and extended family members can join the live feed using video conferencing software to participate in the funeral. Broadcasting the funeral online can be your best option if your loved one expressed that they did not want to be cremated after passing.

Social distancing has changed the way people live, but it doesn't have to eliminate the possibility of honoring a loved one who has passed in recent weeks.

If you need assistance planning a funeral or memorial services during this time of social distancing, consider contacting a funeral home for funeral planning services.