What To Consider About A Funeral When A Loved One Passes From COVID-19

The current state of the world has left families with some tough choices to make when it comes to loved ones that have gotten sick and passed on. It becomes even more difficult when you need to plan a funeral services and it is not the way that anyone would have pictured it. Here are some things to consider when having a funeral with a loved one that has passed away due to COVID-19.

Have A Small Funeral

It's okay to have a small funeral in times like this. Funeral homes are still allowing viewings to take place, although with some restrictions. You'll want to consider who you want to attend the funeral, and even stagger the times of when they will arrive. They'll want to come and pay their final respects to your loved one, and it is understandable that they still want to maintain social distancing as well.

Remember that some people will not want to take the risk of attending a funeral, even if they were very closed to the deceased. Try your best to not get upset about people that make this decision for their own health reasons. 

Plan A Virtual Memorial

People are more connected than ever these days thanks to social media. It is okay to plan a virtual memorial for them as an alternative. Simply having everyone that can gather online and talk about your loved one, share stories, and say a few words together can be a very comforting experience for everyone. You do not have to have these interactions in person for them to be meaningful and help you cope with what happened.

Consider having a tribute video or slideshow made so that you can share it to friends and family members online. It is a great way to share those memories with others in a way that it is comfortable for everyone to view. 

Hold A Drive By Memorial

If people still want to gather together, consider holding a drive by memorial where people can visit in their cars. Some people enjoy driving past their loved one's home one last time to visit them in a way, or even meeting at a park for some in person interaction. People can take turns stepping out of their vehicles and saying a few words while everyone listens, or simply participate in the act of being together to pay tribute to the person that passed away.