Important Decisions When Selecting A Headstone

After the loss of a loved one, there are numerous important steps to take care of as you make their final arrangements. One of these is selecting their headstone. As you make this critical decision, there are several different elements to consider. Think about these points as you create a headstone to remember your loved one: 

Research Cemetery Regulations

As you decide on which headstone is right to memorialize your loved one, it's important to first spend some time learning about any cemetery regulations. Some locations have specific guidelines about the types of cemetery headstones that can be installed on their property, regulating their height, the type of statue that can be placed or the specific size of the marker. Before you decide on a specific memorial piece, it's best to know what the guidelines are so you can be sure that the item you select can be installed. 

Decide on Your Budget

Spend some time examining your budget carefully to determine what you have to spend on a headstone. Prices for memorial markers can vary widely, depending on the size, customization, type of stone and level of detail. In some cases, families opt to plan the memorial service, then save up for the marker that they most want and have it added to the site at a later date. The professionals at the funeral home should be able to help you make some decisions about the markers that are available, and can likely refer you to some craftsmen in your area that specialize in these memorial pieces. 

Select a Design

After you know how much you'd like to spend on the memorial marker, spend some time looking over the designs that are available. Decide which type of headstone is a good fit to memorialize the life of your loved one. You may decide on a simple stone, a stone with colored inlay work, a small statue or something else entirely, depending on the options available. 

Choose an Inscription

You'll also need to choose the inscription that will go on the stone. This can be just basic information, such as the name, date of birth and date of death. Or, you can opt for something more involved and select a favorite quote or a memorial poem. There are numerous options available to you, so use your creativity and decide on the best way to memorialize your loved one. 

When it's time to handle the final arrangements for your loved one, there will be numerous important decisions to make. Designing the headstone is one of these decisions, and your local funeral director can help you find the best options.