Modern Funeral Service Options Available To You

Funeral service options have drastically changed within the last few years as more and more modern elements are offered. This means your service can be a highly personal one. Find out more about some more modern choices and how they can be implemented into the funeral you are planning.

Online Guest Books

Guest books have always been a part of the funeral service. They provide you with a record of the people who attended the funeral. Also, if a mourner wants to provide a personal message to the family, they can do so by sending or hand-delivering a grief card. 

In addition to or in lieu of the physical guest book, individuals can now set up websites that allow mourners to sign their names and include short messages to the family. People can include stories and other information as well, even if they are unable to attend this service. In this way, you can receive many more messages and signatures than you would with a physical guest book, and sometimes people will even attach pictures to their messages.

Websites can be kept online for several months, so mourners can continue to leave messages. However, if this is not something that you want, then you can close discussions while leaving up the signatures that were left during the initial mourning period. 

If the death was sudden, then the website can serve as a permanent type of obituary to let others know that your loved one passed away. You can leave contact information, such as an email for the family if a late mourner wants to get in touch. The website is also a good place to list any ongoing donation collections for the creation of memorials, benches, scholarships, and other types of memorials.

Streaming Funeral

If your loved one had many friends and family scattered throughout the country, then it may not be possible for everyone to attend the funeral ceremony. In this situation, you may want to stream the funeral online so that distant mourners can partake in the service. 

Funeral homes have their own services and programs to stream the funeral online. One of the most popular applications for this is called Gather, and it allows for longer streams than a traditional type of streaming service. This allows for the inclusion of the visiting hours, funeral, graveside service, and even the receptions afterward.

The streaming involves a small camera that is placed on a stand near the coffin or along the back of the viewing room. Mourners can access the feed through a dedicated website. The site address is given to the family and can be passed on to mourners. 

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