Types Of Grave Markers You Can Choose

When you need to order a grave marker for a loved one or even yourself, it can be useful to consider some of the different styles of grave markers that are available. Unfortunately, individuals may not know the various types of grave markers that are commonly used. Learn about your options here.

Traditional Headstones

One of the most common sights in a cemetery is a traditional headstone. These markers will have a fairly distinctive shape to them, and they are most often made of granite or other extremely dense and durable stone. Their moderate size will allow for the deceased's biographical information to be included as well as other distinctive features, such as images of the deceased that are etched into the exterior of the headstone. Individuals will often assume that they will be able to install the headstone on their own. However, these monuments can be remarkably heavy, and you are likely to need professional assistance in order to safely erect the headstone without damaging it or injuring yourself.

Small Grave Markers

For individuals that are on a very strict budget, a small grave marker may be the ideal choice. These markers often cost a fraction of other solutions while still providing the deceased with a tasteful marker for their grave. In addition to being useful to those that are on a very strict budget, these smaller markers can also be useful for those that have headstones or other larger monuments made that may require considerable time before they are ready to be installed. When ordering a temporary grave marker, you may not need to opt for granite or other extremely durable materials as the marker is likely to only be in place for a number of weeks or months.

Complex Monuments

In addition to traditional headstones or grave markers, individuals can also choose to opt for a more unique and complex monument for their loved one's grave. For example, it has become popular to erect an obelisk type structure as the grave marker. These grave markers can provide a unique appearance for the grave while also providing large stone faces that can be used to etch biographical or other important information. You should be aware that these monuments can take far longer to complete, and you will want to be mindful of this when you are ordering them. Furthermore, they can be more difficult to transport to the cemetery, which means you will likely need to rely on a professional service to handle moving the monument to the grave.