Family Cremation Services

Receiving news that a loved one has died is often accompanied by a flood of memories. The responsibility of planning the funeral is often left to one or two people in the family. Support is available by the funeral home for planning each step of the service and cremation. Here are a few tips for planning cremations services. 

Choosing Cremation

Many people have expressed their desire to be cremated to their loved ones in past conversations. Other families choose cremation as their chosen way to put their loved one to rest. Unlike a funeral, the body will often not be on display for those who are paying their last respects. The urn can be taken to a mausoleum or aboveground cremation niche. Most families consider this to be extremely private and only bring immediate family members. 

Planning the Service

Reach out to the funeral home to express what the family would like for cremation services. The first thing to consider is the venue where the service will be held. Many people choose their venue based on both availability and their budget. Establishments with private rooms, churches, and private organization centers where the loved one was part of may allow the service to be held on their property. Limited services that the family wants to keep private can have a guest list. The funeral home staff is often able to keep undesirable people or, in some cases, the press out of the venue. The venue often has enough room for seating during the service and to share a meal. Meals are often catered by a local establishment that has connections to the family or is a trusted company with the funeral home.

The funeral home staff will help with a loose plan for the cremation service. The loved one's best picture is often printed out as a large photo so that it is a focal piece during the service. Work with the funeral home to specify the type of flowers or another décor that will be presented alongside the urn. Content for the printed program that will be passed out during the service will be requested. Most families use this space to discuss their loved one's education, accomplishments, and hobbies, as well as surviving family members. 

Cremation costs are far less expensive than traditional burial and casket costs. Work with the funeral home for planning of the service and to discuss various payment options that are available. Use these tips when working with the funeral home to plan cremation services.