Grieving During The Pandemic: How Funeral Broadcasts Are Helping

When a loved one dies, those close to them will naturally want to gather in remembrance of the departed. Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, gatherings of any kind have been discouraged and in some cases banned completely. Depending on the state family and friends of the departed live in, there can be strict travel regulations put into place due to the pandemic. In an effort to reduce the number of rising cases, states may impose a stay at home order or restrict travel to only those that are considered essential workers. Because of this limitation, a broadcast of the funeral services would be a way to include those who were close to the deceased to virtually attend the event without having to leave their home. 

Show Support

Through a broadcasted funeral service, there may be turns taken in which attendees are able to give their condolences to others. It is also an opportunity to provide and receive support for those that are grieving. This will let those in mourning know that regardless of the pandemic, support from loved ones is always there. This gathering together of attendees will encourage a sense of close community, as those who are watching are all there for the same reason. Memories may be shared and prayers may be imparted in the honor and remembrance of those who have passed. Depending on the state and given allowances, some attendees in small numbers may be at the funeral itself. 

Open up Easier

Though the broadcast may not initially feel as intimate as an in-person event, attendees may soon feel themselves open up and allow the conversations and observances to flow more naturally. The virtual format may even prove useful for those who find it otherwise awkward to speak in front of others. As many people suffer from cases of social anxiety, even among family members, the broadcast may make opening up a bit easier for them. Those who may need a private moment of peace or reflection may do so without worrying about physically leaving a roomful of guests. This format will allow attendees to pay their respects in ways that are most comfortable to them and still show respect to others with their presence. 

The inability to physically be present with family and friends following the loss of a loved one can be heartbreaking. Thankfully, through the advances in modern technology, those who find themselves in lockdown or quarantine will still find a way to be there for others. Though this is certainly an arrangement that may feel completely foreign to some, it is important to remember that it is the preservation of life that is what drives these regulations and ultimately keeps the population safer. 

To learn more about funeral broadcasting, reach out to a local funeral home.