Are You Planning The Funeral Of A Dear Friend?

Did one of your dearest friends recently pass away? Perhaps this individual never married and never had children, or maybe they outlived all of their family members. Whatever the reason that you are the designated person to plan your friend's funeral service, you are more than likely having mixed feelings. Of course, you are probably very saddened to lose somebody who was dear to you. On the other hand, perhaps you are joyful that they can now join with the loved ones that preceded them in death.

From arranging for music to asking others to be speakers at the service, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a memorable and dignified service for your friend:

The Music

Music speaks to the emotions. In the case of bringing music into the funeral service for your friend, you are more than likely wanting to make the funeral service both inspiring and joyful. If your friend was a Christian, an inspiring hymn that the congregation could sing might be something your friend would have liked

Other religious classics might add a feeling of joy to the funeral service. After all, if your friend was a believer in Christ, they more than likely felt strongly that they would live with Him in the eternities. That's a good reason to rejoice, right? 

Another idea is to have instrumental music played at your friend's funeral service. A violin trio, a piano solo, or a combination of both are all good choices for a funeral.

The Spoken Word

Because your friend was so close to you, that more than likely means that you know their friends well, too. Would any of them be willing, even happy, to speak at the funeral service? Think of choosing two or three friends to share thoughts about your friend. You could also be one of the speakers. While you will probably be giving information like when and where your friend was born as well as the date of when they passed, consider also sharing humorous and tender stories of times shared together.

Perhaps your ecclesiastic leader will also be happy to be one of the speakers. Do you know which scriptures your friend treasured? If so, think about sharing those with the ecclesiastic leader who will speak at your friend's funeral. They will more than likely include those scriptures in their talk.

For more information about planning a funeral memorial service, contact a funeral home in your area.