Their Legacy Lives On: Celebrating Life at a Funeral

Losing a loved one can be a devastating event that can affect family, friends, and loved ones of those who have passed on. When considering what to include in the funeral services, it may be helpful to remember the deceased through celebrating the life of those lost can continue their legacy in many ways. Taking into consideration the vast amount of memories shared between loved ones and causes that they found important are fantastic opportunities to continue their legacy. Here are just a few ideas on what to include in a funeral service to bring honor and respect to those who have passed away. 

Sharing memories with those in attendance at the funeral will be a wonderful way for those in mourning to connect and celebrate the life of those who have passed on. Telling stories to each other or sharing photos will be a cherished moment spent together that is both healing and cathartic. This can also be a fun way for family members or friends to learn more about their loved ones. Playing a favorite song of the deceased while viewing a slideshow of their life will be an excellent way to celebrate the milestones and events of their lives tastefully. 

Fundraising is another excellent way to commemorate the life of a loved one while carrying on their legacy. Causes or charities that were near and dear to the heart of those who have passed on such as animal welfare or environmental protection, for example, can be included in a charity fundraising effort for others to contribute to what meant most to the departed. Others may choose to include a fundraiser to bring awareness to the cause of death for their loved one. For those who have lost a relative to cancer, for instance, a fundraising event for an organization that brings awareness and researches ways to eradicate cancer would be a way to help others who still deal with the disease.  

Though losing someone close is never an easy event to endure, it is important to remember that those that have passed on can still be celebrated and cherished in this life. By sharing the events of their lifetimes with others and commemorating what they loved most, their values and dreams can still be revered. Making the effort to start a fundraiser in their honor will also help continue their legacy by providing funds to the causes they found to be important. Life can continue in this regard, and that which was held dear to them will be held in the highest form of appreciation. For more assistance, reach out to services like Union Funeral Home-Lytwyn & Lytwyn.