2 Reasons To Stream A Funeral

Funerals used to be generally small affairs with just local friends and family attending. It could be hard for people from long distances to get to the location in time for the funeral because of how slow notifications and travel were. Now, a funeral can be larger, with friends and family attending from all over the place. However, due to recent circumstances, it has been extremely hard or nearly impossible for some people to come to a funeral. There are other options available to people who want to go to a funeral but who aren't able to get there. One of those options is to have the funeral streamed. There are actually a whole lot of reasons to do this. 


One reason is that it makes the funeral accessible for everyone who cared for your loved one. This is important for several reasons. For example, someone may not be able to make a long journey because of funds or other obligations, but they do have the ability to stream the funeral, so that person can watch the funeral and feel included. This kind of accessibility also allows people who have physical or mental disabilities that would make it hard for them to attend to still be at the funeral and to celebrate the life of the deceased. 

Attendance Limitations

The number of people who are physically at the funeral may be limited for several reasons. But that doesn't mean that there aren't a whole lot of people who want to be at the funeral. Streaming a funeral is an easy way to get around that limitation and to allow an unlimited amount of people to view the funeral. Since everyone will be at their home or a remote location, the amount of space open to the funeral or any mandates about how many people can be in a gathering doesn't matter. This can be a good way for people who were friendly with the deceased but not a close friend to be able to attend the funeral without taking up an attendance slot from a family member or close friend. 

Technology has a way of making life easier. In this case, it can make what comes after easier as well. Streaming a funeral makes a lot of sense for a lot of people. Talk to the funeral home to see what it will take to set up a live stream for the funeral of your loved one so that more people can attend. Contact a company that offers funeral planning services to learn more.