Common Funeral Preplanning Mistakes To Avoid

From the ability to save money to the idea that you or a loved one's final wishes will truly be met, there are several reasons why you or a friend or family member is considering preplanning a funeral. Funeral preplanning is a tricky subject, and if you do not take your time and understand the process, you can make several costly mistakes. When it comes to preplanning a funeral, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Failing to Understand the Process of Planning a Funeral

If you have never been involved in planning a funeral, you might be surprised to learn that there are several steps you will need to complete to ensure that you or a loved one's final wishes are met and that the funeral home receives all pertinent information. Creating a list of questions about planning the funeral and the funeral itself will help ensure you understand the entire process of preplanning a funeral.

For example, ask about what clothing is needed, if you are planning an open casket service. The funeral home will also require recent photos, the names of pallbearers, and any life insurance information, which is required to help pay for the service. These questions will help ensure you understand what is involved in planning a funeral, which in turn can help you create a budget and complete all the necessary steps in a timely fashion.

Failing to Make a Financial Plan

There are several factors that will influence the overall cost of a funeral, including whether the deceased individual is buried in a casket or cremated. One of the biggest decisions in preplanning a funeral is determining the cost of the service and how the service will be paid for. When you preplan a funeral, you are able to better understand the cost and how you will pay for the service and burial.

If you are worried about the costs, preplanning allows you to create a payment plan for the service and burial. This will lessen the financial burden on your loved ones and ensure that they are not stressed by the unexpected cost of paying for a funeral in one lump sum.

Failing to Make Your Final Wishes Clear

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of preplanning is that it provides an individual with the opportunity to plan their own service. If you are planning your own funeral, do not hesitate to let your loved ones know your final wishes for your service. Make your preferences known and be clear to ensure your family carries out your final wishes.

From failing to make your final wishes clear to not understanding the process, there are several funeral preplanning mistakes to avoid. Talk to a funeral home to get help making funeral pre-arrangements.