Reasons To Ask Your Loved Ones To Have You Cremated

There will be a time in the future in which your next of kin will need to make arrangements for your final resting place. When you pass away, your family will be able to choose to have you buried in a cemetery or they can opt for cremation services and bring take your ashes home with them. If you are not yet sure whether cremation is something you would be interested in, you will want to continue reading. The more you know about the benefits of cremation services, the easier it will be to let your family know that cremation is what you would want.

It Will Be More Affordable For Them

Even if you have a life insurance policy that they will be the beneficiary of, you may not want them to spend more than they have to when it comes to putting together your funeral. The cremation service is going to be the more affordable option since there are less things to purchase and they do not have to worry about arranging for the digging and filling in of your grave and the placement of your headstone. The money that is saved can be put to use doing other things, such as paying off the mortgage on the family home or the money can be used to go on a family vacation.

Your Remains Can Be Spread Somewhere

Maybe the idea of being buried under ground is not overly appealing to you. However, having your ashes spread in the ocean, your favorite lake that you always fished at, or under the big oak tree in the background of the family home may sound like a much more peaceful thing to you. Talk to your loved ones about not only wanting your ashes spread after cremation, but whether it would be alright with you if some of your ashes remained in an urn and it stays with someone in the family.

Make sure that you are talking this over with your loved ones so they know that you would like to be cremated and why you would like to have this type of service when you do pass away. The more your family can understand the reason for your decision, the more likely it is that they are going to remember that a cremation service is what you wanted to have done. Also, it would not hurt to have this request included in your last will and testament.

For more information, contact a company like the American Cremation Society (Ridgemoor Chapels).