6 Inaccurate Assumptions About Cremation Services

Cremation services are ideal for many deceased individuals. However, there are some common assumptions people make about cremation services that aren't accurate.

The following are six inaccurate assumptions people frequently make about cremation services. 

You don't need to plan out cremation services in advance.

A death in one's family can be stressful and hectic. If the deceased individual wishes to be cremated, it's best to plan out cremation services in advance. Failing to plan out cremation services in advance could increase the stress of dealing with the death of a loved one in your family. 

You can't have a religious service done as part of cremation services.

Some people assume that all religions are against cremation so it's impossible to plan out a religious service when cremation is chosen as the method of disposal of the body.

However, it's important to note that most religions accept cremation nowadays so it's usually possible to plan out a religious ceremony as part of cremation services. 

The deceased's body is lit on fire during cremation.

The process of cremating a body doesn't actually involve lighting the body on fire. Modern cremation techniques typically involve exposing a body to extreme heat rather than lighting a body on fire.

The extreme heat to which a body is exposed during this process makes it so that the body is reduced to a combination of bone fragments and gases. These substances are then converted to ashes when they are placed in an electric processor. 

It's illegal to spread cremation ashes in most places.

There are some laws in place that prohibit the spreading of cremation ashes in certain areas. However, spreading cremation ashes is not illegal in general in most areas. That's why spreading cremation ashes in a location that was loved by the deceased is often a good option for a final resting place. 

You have to buy an expensive urn as part of cremation services.

You should not have to buy an urn directly from your cremation service. You should have plenty of options to choose an urn for cremation ashes that is not overly expensive. 

Cremation services are expensive.

Cremation services are not usually more expensive than standard burial expenses. In fact, cremation generally offers some cost savings in comparison to traditional burials. Cremation often costs only a third of what traditional burials cost. That's why cremation services can be a great option for minimizing end-of-life expenses. 

To learn more about the cremation services available to you, contact a funeral home in your area.