Dealing with Death: Answers to All of Your Funeral Questions

Making It Through The Loss Of A Loved One While Having To Social Distance

With strict social distancing orders making their way across the country due to COVID-19 in 2020, people who lost loved ones were faced with new challenges. Normally crowded funeral homes had to keep crowds to more conservative sizes of ten people or less, and many more people opted for cremation over traditional burial because of restrictions on gathering. If you lose a loved one during a pandemic when social distancing is critical, you can expect there to be a lot of differences in how things take place with the funeral home. Read More 

Definitions Of Common Cremation Terminology

If you are planning on discussing cremation as your end-of-life arrangement, it is best if you know a few relevant terms. Here is a look at some of the general terminology associated with cremation.  Columbarium A columbarium is a structure that is meant to be a public place for urns to be stored for the long term, and these places can be freestanding, part of another building, or incorporated into a cemetery. Read More 

Social Distancing and the Death of a Loved One: 3 Tips for Honoring the Deceased

Social distancing has changed the way that many routine activities are conducted. While people are staying away from public places and avoiding large gatherings, some events seem to lose their meaning. Honoring a loved one who has passed during this period of social distancing can seem like a challenge. Large memorial services are not an option, but there are still plenty of things that you can do to memorialize your loved one and honor his or her life. Read More 

5 Tips To Plan A Funeral Even With Coronavirus Worries

Planning a funeral is never enjoyable. But during the pandemic of 2020, it has an added dimension of complexity — the need to practice social distancing while grieving a loved one. Even through funeral services are operating as an essential service of your community, you may want to take some creative steps to ensure everyone can mourn in a safe but necessary manner. Here are a few ways to do just that. Read More 

Answering Some Cremation Questions That Stem From The Nature Of Human Curiosity

Cremation is more popular these days than traditional burial is. However, there are still a lot of questions hanging around that tend to stem from people just being curious as humans often are about matters associated with death. Here are a few of those questions and the answers you may be interested to know.  Are the cremains you get actually of the deceased? This is a really common question, and there are a lot of myths surrounding the whole idea. Read More