Three Myths About Funerals And Why Today’s Funerals Aren’t What You Think

For most people, a funeral is something they only have to plan a few times in their life. As a result, people have an image in their mind of what a funeral has to be and how much it has to cost. Unfortunately, this causes some people to avoid traditional funeral homes. But the truth is, you can get exactly what you want out of a funeral. Here's a look at three of the most common myths about funerals. Read More 

Cremation Is Very Beneficial For Young Children Who Lost Both Parents

The death of a loved one is never natural and is often particularly devastating for those who lose a parent. This problem is a struggle at any age but is almost always the most difficult for young children. Thankfully, cremation can help this child cope with death more healthily and give them a reminder of their parents forever. Parental Loss Devastates Most Children Young children rely on their parents for emotional support in ways that can be hard for people to remember as they age. Read More 

Is It A Good Idea To Postpone The Funeral During This Time?

With a moratorium on public gatherings currently in effect, people are struggling to figure out how best to handle funerals for loved ones who have passed away. One option frequently floated around is to postpone funerals until things go back to normal, but here are two things you need to consider before deciding this is the best way to go. You Need to Store the Body When a person dies, the body starts decomposing almost immediately, which is why there's typically a rush to get it into cold storage or embalmed as quickly as possible. Read More 

Seven Important Considerations When Planning A Funeral Memorial

If you need to plan a funeral memorial service for a deceased family member or loved one, there are numerous factors that you'll need to consider. The task of planning such an important event can feel overwhelming, so it helps to break memorial service plans down into the key considerations you'll need to plan for. The following are seven important considerations when planning a funeral memorial.  Location The location of memorial services is a key consideration. Read More 

Lost A Loved One? Top Benefits Of Choosing Cremation

Having a person you care about pass can be very hard on you. There are likely to be many things you'll need to do help you get through this time and arrange for a service. It may be ideal to have a cremation as the burial of choice. There are numerous advantages of doing so and learning what these are may be very helpful. 1. Much lower cost One of the reasons to choose a cremation is that this is offered at a much lower expense than that of a traditional funeral. Read More