Jessie Martinez

Are You Planning The Funeral Of A Dear Friend?

Did one of your dearest friends recently pass away? Perhaps this individual never married and never had children, or maybe they outlived all of their family members. Whatever the reason that you are the designated person to plan your friend's funeral service, you are more than likely having mixed feelings. Of course, you are probably very saddened to lose somebody who was dear to you. On the other hand, perhaps you are joyful that they can now join with the loved ones that preceded them in death. Read More 

4 Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Funeral

While most people consider weddings, cars, and homes some of their biggest life purchases, planning and paying for a funeral can also make a significant dent in your finances. Funeral arrangements are important because they need to not only show respect for the individual that passed away, but they also need to be meaningful to the individuals who are grieving him or her. It is possible to plan a funeral without breaking the bank. Read More 

Grieving During The Pandemic: How Funeral Broadcasts Are Helping

When a loved one dies, those close to them will naturally want to gather in remembrance of the departed. Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, gatherings of any kind have been discouraged and in some cases banned completely. Depending on the state family and friends of the departed live in, there can be strict travel regulations put into place due to the pandemic. In an effort to reduce the number of rising cases, states may impose a stay at home order or restrict travel to only those that are considered essential workers. Read More 

Family Cremation Services

Receiving news that a loved one has died is often accompanied by a flood of memories. The responsibility of planning the funeral is often left to one or two people in the family. Support is available by the funeral home for planning each step of the service and cremation. Here are a few tips for planning cremations services.  Choosing Cremation Many people have expressed their desire to be cremated to their loved ones in past conversations. Read More 

3 Reaon To Choose Cremation

When you are planning the funeral of a loved one, one of the things you have to think about is the disposition of their body. It's not necessarily anything that you really want to think about, but it's one of the necessities. Out of all the choices you have, you may decide that you want to use cremation as the final disposition. You may find that you have a lot of reasons that cremating is a good choice. Read More